5 Home Maintenance Tasks That You’ve Already Forgotten to Do This Fall

BY Nov, 13 2019
Reading Time: 2 minutes
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Fall is probably the best season to tend to your home and focus on home maintenance. We’ve survived the brutal, hot summer and life begins to revolve around routine again. However, things can easily get lost in the shuffle when there’s so much to get done and the holidays begin to ramp up.

Here’s a quick list of the most important and easily forgotten home maintenance tasks for the fall season:

Cleaning your gutters. 

We can’t stress enough how important it is to keep up on regular gutter cleanings to help save time and money down the line — especially during fall since leaves can actually pose a huge threat in gutter clogs and more serious issues! We recommend having your gutters cleaned at least once per season to prevent damage to your home’s foundation, roof, and interior and exterior walls.

Outdoor spotlight bulb installations. 

Ned Stevens offers exterior bulb light installations with top-of-the-line, 90 watts, 2500 hour bulbs with energy-saving light at only $19.95 per bulb when combined with other services. The outdoor spotlight bulbs might be one of the first things homeowners don’t notice if it goes out, but is extremely important for the security of your home. Bundle this installation service with other home maintenance services with us today to save money and a potential headache down the road.

Clean underground drains. 

After heavy rain seasons, it’s important in the fall to examine the underground drains that are attached to the downspouts which are connected to your gutters. The gutter system collects rainwater and runs it down through the downspouts and into the underground drain to prevent puddling and damage to the home’s foundation. This is a good time to make sure your underground drains are clear to ensure they do their job correctly.

Treat your home to a soft wash. 

Many aren’t familiar with the soft wash option as an alternative to pressure washing the home. The danger of pressure washing is that it can be too hard on your home’s exterior and cause more damage than the cleaning is worth. We offer soft wash services that will leave your home looking pristine using a safe cleaning solution without doing any damage to your home’s siding.

Dryer vent cleaning. 

Dirty dryer vents are the leading cause of home fires. Usually, fires occur when lint and dust build up inside the dryer vent, especially if the vent has become clogged with easily flammable materials that can easily combust. The vent at the front of the dryer is recommended to be cleaned after every use, but the most forgotten utility is the vent in the back. We offer dryer vent cleaning services to ensure your vents are clear and are not a danger to your home.

Ned Stevens offers many services that are important to your home’s maintenance year-round, from gutter cleaning to window cleaning to fence cleaning and more. New customers can receive $25 off your first gutter cleaning service or $50 off your first-time Diamond Service Plan!


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