How to Glam Up Your Deck

BY May, 14 2020
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How To Glam Up Your Deck

With summer just around the corner, we start to dream of weekends spent at the pool, afternoons working in the garden, and long evenings grilling dinner with the family on the deck. Start making your dreams a reality by designing your perfect deck! Get inspired to turn your backyard into a garden escape by reading below for ideal deck tips whether you want to build a deck from scratch or are just looking for innovative deck decorating tips.

Create The Deck of Your Dreams

Decks are traditionally built out of wood, composite wood material or vinyl. Decks can be attached to a house or freestanding and are often built to take advantage of a view or to build a peaceful or inviting outdoor space. When maintained properly, decks made of wood (or composite wood material) offer beauty and inviting warmth unlike any other space in your home.

Not all decks must be attached to the home. Creating an island deck is an easy way to have a maintenance-free deck and peaceful getaway that can go anywhere in your yard. This deck, built with composite decking and hidden fasteners, is a great way to set up a nice spot for a table and chairs under some trees or surrounded by your beautiful garden.

You can achieve this same kind of oasis-like space in your backyard with a raised deck as well. Similar in concept, raised platforms allow for container gardens strategically around the deck so that you can relax and enjoy company surrounded by beautiful flora, while not completely enveloped by it. Adding a water feature that runs alongside your deck makes a great oasis addition by softening the noise of a busy street or creating a calming background sound.

Or combine these two ideas by building a deck with different levels. These different levels not only create nuance and aesthetic appeal, they can separate space on the deck making a small space seem larger. No tall deck or multiple stories necessary! Even a foot or two in height difference is all it takes. Enhance these differences even more by partitioning for privacy through the use of lighting or strategic gardening.

Boost Your Deck’s Appeal

If you already have a ground-level deck or patio and are looking for ways to make it more private, a vertical garden might be the project for you. Turn your small porch into a secluded party space by placing pocket gardens around the perimeter of your deck. Added bonus: by turning your living wall into an herb garden, you will have fresh, fragrant additions to your deck-grilled meals all summer long.

Looking for ways to make your patio or deck blend in more to your backyard or looking to add privacy? Adding perennials, shrubs or small trees around the edge of your deck can add a sense of charm and beauty to any backyard escape.

Add personality to your deck space by creating different designs on the deck flooring. Using different materials, colors of paint or even placing the boards themselves in an interesting pattern can help create space, partitioning or framing in an otherwise plain deck.

Whether you are dreaming of building your own deck or just decorating your existing one to make it the hangout spot you’ve always wanted, Ned Stevens has you covered. Our seasoned team of professionals can help keep your backyard oasis clean and protected year round through our personalized gutter service plans. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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