Caring for Your Home: Winter Dryer Vent Cleaning

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coiled aluminum dryer vent hose

Real talk. When was the last time you cleaned out your dryer vent and dryer hose? Ned Stevens gives you the down and dirty about clogged dryer vents and why they’re bad news.

The danger of neglecting your dryer vents

Have you ever walked across your living room on a cold winter morning, grabbed a door handle and felt the instantaneous zap of static electricity? During winter, especially when we heat our homes, the internal humidity of the home is really low, creating the perfect dry atmosphere for static charge to build up.

While this fairly innocuous shock may seem harmless at first glance, don’t be fooled. Not to be alarming, but your home could be on the verge of going up in flames as we speak. Why?


Dryer vents.


Dryer vents and hoses clogged with lint are highly susceptible to fires ignited by static charge. Although static charge can ignite lint at any point during the year, your home is more vulnerable during winter when its air is particularly dry. There’s good news, though. There are a few things you can do to reduce static charge in your home.

Ways to reduce dryer lint and static charge in your home


Humidifier on a table in front of house plants

One simple way to reduce static charge is to get a humidifier for your home. You can keep your air from drying out which can also help you sleep better as well. If you’re into creating a space full of welcoming aromas, try an essential oil diffuser. This will also humidify your air, but not to the degree that a larger humidifier would.

Drying Rack

Blue towels on a metal drying rack

If you’re looking for humidified air on a budget, consider drying your towels and wet clothes indoors on a drying rack this winter. The wet clothes will humidify the air in your home as they dry out.

During winter, it’s important that you ensure your home is protected against the risk of dryer lint fire. FEMA reports that more than 15,000 house fires every year occur due to clothing dryer vents clogged with lint.

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