Itching eyes. Running nose. Congested sinuses. Allergy sufferers know these symptoms very well, especially in spring’s pollen filled months. Those who are highly affected learn tactics to alleviate symptoms.

Anything from prescribed medicine to more life-altering changes like avoiding the outdoors can make these months more bearable. If you are an allergy sufferer, there may be one more trick you’re not trying, and it’s right above you.

A Ned Stevens soft wash roof cleaning!

With a Ned Stevens soft wash roof cleaning, you can eliminate three types of possible allergens.

That’s nothing to sneeze at.


Around this time every year, a layer of pollen covers everything. No surface is safe. Not even your home. The result is unsightly, but for those with allergies, it’s much worse. Accumulated pollen can make simple seasonal joys, like opening your windows or spending time outdoors, a miserable experience. Even if you try to shut in to protect yourself, this pollen can enter your home’s HVAC system and bring those irritants inside.

A soft wash roof cleaning from Ned Stevens can eliminate the pollen lurking on your home. The best part is you don’t need to worry about possible damage to your investment that may come from power-washing.


Pollen is the usual culprit for seasonal allergies, but other allergens may be secretly growing. For those in areas that experienced heavy snow or rain in winter, mold may have developed on your roof. Often, this takes the form of large black stains on your shingles. Like fungus found in poorly ventilated bathrooms, growth comes from trapped moisture. Many are highly allergic to this type of mold, which can cause an unsatisfactory quality of life. Unfortunately, that’s not the only problem. Mold can grow and begin to affect the supporting structure of your roof.


Tackling this issue before it spreads with a Ned Stevens roof cleaning can eliminate any costly repairs.

Harsh Chemicals

It’s difficult to know all your allergies. A new unknown reaction can come from anywhere. For example, interacting with harsh chemicals you don’t often encounter may trigger a response for some. Some roof cleaners may use a mixture of power washers and a strong cleaning solution to do the job. That’s not an issue with Ned Stevens soft wash roof cleaning. We use an eco-friendly biodegradable solution that has a 100% bacteria and algae kill ratio.

Without harsh chemicals, you don’t need to worry about activating more allergies while eliminating others.

Your home should be a haven from the overwhelming allergies of spring. With a Ned Stevens soft wash roof cleaning, you’ll take a step closer to making it one.  

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