7 Tools You Need Before Starting Any Home Improvement Project

BY Oct, 16 2015
Reading Time: 2 minutes
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Take note—these tools are essential for home repairs and DIY projects. Do you have these in your toolbox?

Whether you’re a DIY maven or a first time adventurist, you’re probably familiar with basic tools for home improvement. A hammer and a box of nails can go a long way, but these gadgets will turn your tool box into the envy of DIY-ers everywhere.


This rotary tool can be used for cutting, sharpening, polishing, drilling, grinding, sanding, carving and routing. Now, we only wish it could walk the dog. Unlike a power drill, its motion comes at a high speed and can be used for detailing just about anything. Use it outside to trim a panel or in the kitchen to sharpen knives.



This gadget can be useful if you’re taking on big installations or just want to check the status of the loose batteries in that junk drawer. A multimeter gauges electric current and voltage so you can prevent getting fried when replacing a ceiling fan.



These hands free lamps are perfect for swift completion of any project that requires a bit of extra light. Using a headlamp allows you to get a better view of dark spaces without requiring an extra set of shaky hands. Pretending like you’re working in a gold mine isn’t included in the product overview, but why not?


Stud Finder

This bad boy doubles as a pipe detector and helps you find unseen metals hiding in your wall. Whether you need to do some major drilling or just hang a piece of wall art, a stud finder will keep you from damaging your walls with holes you can’t use.


Magnetic Periscope

Ever been on a ladder and dropped a nail or needed to grab something behind the entertainment system? A periscopic magnetic tool will save time and effort when you’re lacking that extra reach. Use it to pick up tools or nails that are more than an arm’s length away, but be warned that you might find yourself using it for fun as well.


Laser Level

This tool, despite its name, won’t provide a superhuman power, but marking wall space and lending itself for precision cutting makes it just as useful. It’s like having your own invisible measuring tape, which is like a superpower anyway.


Annihilator Hammer

All hail the beast of home improvement. This is the multipurpose tool that will ensure your survival during the apocalypse. It’s a drywall ripping, board adjusting, nail holding, demolishing hammer that happens to be a multipurpose wrench with a bottle opener, because why not? The Dead On Annihilator is 18 inches of forged steel only imaginable in a handyman’s dreams, until now.


With these tools in your armory, you might feel inspired to start up a new project just for the fun of it. Take your detailing and precision skills to the next level with these products, and let us know in the comments if we left out your favorites.

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