5 Things to Plant for Spring

BY Mar, 14 2016
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5 Things To Plant For Spring

Whether you’re starting a veggie garden or you’re beautifying your garden with new flowers, spring is the perfect time to get started. With the perfect weather and the optimal conditions, your garden is sure to flourish. But you don’t want to make the mistake of planting a delicate flower before the last frost and watching it die in the harsh, brief cold.

It can be difficult to choose which plants to start in the spring and which ones to wait until warmer weather to plant. Don’t worry. We are here to help with our gardening expertise. We do spend a lot of time outdoors after all. Plus, we might have caught a couple of these growing in dirty gutters from time to time.

So here are our favorite 5 veggies and flowers to put in your springtime gardens.

Dark Leafy Greens

spring plant-2

You can plant these in the early spring or fall and harvest during the summer or winter. They are cold tolerant so if you get surprised by a late frost, you won’t lose your crops. Plus, think of all of the yummy spring salads you could eat with lettuces, cabbages, spinach, kale and so many more.


spring plant 4_2

Snow peas and other pod peas are great to plant in mid to late spring. They can survive an unforeseen frost and be perfectly delicious when harvest arrives in early to mid summer. If planted in late March to early April, depending on your climate, you can expect pod peas to mature in 50-65 days. That means you will be harvesting yummy peas in mid-May to very early June. Kids love them, and they are great additions to just about everything, from salads to dinner sides.


spring plant 2_2

What’s up, Doc? Planting carrots in April will yield an early summer treat. Usually taking anywhere from 60 to 80 days to mature, carrots are a staple for kiddos and adult alike. There are so many great things you can do with them, like adding them to a roast or roasting them by themselves. You can even add a nice balsamic glaze if you’re feeling fancy.

Calla Lillies

spring plant 5_2

This flower bulb is perfect for springtime planting. Depending on the variety, you can expect beautiful blooms from June to late August. They are a gorgeous addition to your flower garden. Just remember if you live in harshly cold climates, you must dig up the bulbs in late fall to prevent the cold from killing them.


spring plant 6 2

Verbeceae blooming

These beautiful flowers are perennials, meaning they come back each year. They can come in a variety of sizes and colors, from bushes to creeping vines. Choose the one you want in your garden and plant in early April after the last frost. You will be seeing beautiful blooms all summer long. These plants are very drought and heat tolerant, so they are perfect for that summer and early fall weather.

We know you’re ready to get your trowel and spade out and get started on your garden! Let our infographic help you plan for year round planting! Just click the button below.


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