5 of the Craziest Things Ever Found in Gutters

by Jan, 12 2016 |
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5 Of The Craziest Things Ever Found In Gutters

In our line of work, we run across a lot of things in gutters. There’s the obvious stuff, excess leaves and gunk, Frisbees, kites and even some unfortunate gutter critters here and there. But every once in a while we come across items that make us shake our head and think, “How in the world did THIS get up here?”

We recently asked some of our crew in the field to relay some of their best stories about some of the craziest things they’ve ever come across while on the job.


Crazy 3

“The craziest thing I’ve ever found was a plastic baggie filled with what was either oregano or something that’s illegal unless you’re in Colorado. Any idea that it was something for spaghetti sauce went away when I also found a small pipe close by. I ended up throwing both of them in the trash, but I couldn’t help but laugh when remembering that the customer had asked us if we wanted anything to snack on.”


Crazy 4

“One time I found a remote control in the gutter. All I could think is that maybe someone got mad about a football game or something and threw it up there. I know I’ve felt that way before. Anyway, I show it to the customer and she couldn’t believe it. It had been lost for a week or more at that point and she figured she’d never see it again. I never found out what happened, but by the end of the job, the customer seemed convinced it was a practical joke played on her by her teenage son. I would be so mad if my daughter did that. You should never mess with someone’s remote control. In my house, that’s sacred.”


Crazy 5

“Sometimes I think that customers put things in the gutters just to mess with us. I mean, how else can you explain finding a high heel shoe in a gutter? At least, if there were two, it would make more sense, but one? Anyway, that’s the craziest thing I’ve ever found in a gutter; a black high heel shoe.”


Crazy 2

“We were on a gutter replacement job once and I found a “toy” in a gutter. Now, if it had been a Matchbox car or an action figure; that would have been strange enough. But this wasn’t the kind of toy that belongs to a little kid if you know what I mean. We couldn’t stop laughing at first, but then we started trying to figure out how something like that even ended up on the roof. Eventually, we came up with what we thought was the most plausible explanation, but I’ll keep that one to myself. It was definitely one of those times when it was impossible to get your mind out of the gutter. Oh, and we obviously didn’t give it back to the customer. Talk about awkward.”


Crazy 1

“Most people probably don’t ever think that the person cleaning their gutters is a hero, but I sure felt like one the day I retrieved a baseball from the gutter. I can’t say I really found it since the customer’s little girl knew it was up there, but she was so excited to have it back that she insisted on giving me a hug. All I did was get on the ladder and get it down, but sometimes that’s all people need.”

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