5 Home Luxuries You’ll Definitely Need After 5 Hours On Pinterest

BY Jul, 02 2018
Reading Time: 3 minutes
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Pinterest is a place where you can find useful everyday inspirations for adventurous new recipes or exciting arts and crafts projects with just a few clicks. You can also stumble upon some of the most outlandish home luxuries. At hour one, you may find yourself questioning the necessity of these home features, but at hour seven, you’ll start wondering how you ever lived without them.

Ned Stevens understands.

We also love looking through luxury Pinterest boards and daydreaming about the perfect dream home. Here are our five favorite home luxuries you’ll definitely need after five hours on Pinterest.

Walk-In Shoe Closet


Everyone knows that shoes complete the outfit. Homeowners with large shoe collections but limited closet place learn to be choosier on their footwear purchases. A dedicated walk-in closet for shoes eliminates that need. With spaces allotted for different types of shoes, you’ll never struggle to find the exact shoe you want. Some walk-in shoe closets come equipped with track lighting to display your footwear properly. What’s the point of purchasing expensive shoes if you can’t show them off like pieces of art?

Heated Floors


Waking up and getting out of warm bed to a cold floor is a rough start to a morning. Keep yourself comfortable with heated floors. These tiles come in a variety of different materials and contain coils underneath that keep your floor at the desired temperature. You’ll no longer need socks as you walk confidently through your home with toasty toes. This home luxury will become particularly useful after a warm shower on a cold day.

Home Gym


One of the hardest parts about getting fit is finding time to get to the gym. Eliminate excuses by adding a home gym to your dream home. Some homeowners may have a few dumbbells and a bench in their garage, but workout aficionados know that isn’t enough. A home gym outfitted with professional grade equipment is a must for serious exercise regimens. Take your home workout to the next level with built-in speakers to get your motivational tunes blasting as you sweat.



Make every day a spa day with a personal sauna. Popular in Nordic countries like Finland, saunas are a great stress reliever after a busy day at the office. The combination of heated volcanic rocks and water creates a steamy environment that eases pain and improves cardiovascular health. In other countries, saunas are wildly popular as a communal experience. Invite some friends over and enjoy a few drinks in your sauna to bring a little bit of European flair to your home.

Wine Dispenser


Wine connoisseurs know the struggle of picking the perfect bottle of wine for a room full of guests. This task becomes even more difficult if everyone involved has varying wine preferences. If this dilemma feels familiar, a wine dispenser may be your next incredibly practical purchase. A wine dispenser is a wine cooler that holds multiple bottles with serving spouts for each brand. A sealed cabinet allows wine to stay drinkable several weeks after opening and the digital display lets users select the exact size of their pour. Leave the wine arguments behind and get back to having a good time.

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