Is your home looking a little dull? Maybe all it needs is a little makeover. With summer around the corner, you’re likely going to be spending a lot more time around the house. So why not make sure it’s clean and comfy.

1. Shine Some Light 

Did you know simply changing your old light bulbs to energy-efficient ones can help you save hundreds of dollars a year? According to energy.gov, energy-efficient light bulbs last up to 25 times longer and use up to 80% less energy than more traditional incandescent light bulbs. Save money and be more eco-friendly? It’s a win-win.

Another thing to consider is your windows. Windows that let in too much sunlight, windows that have poor ventilation and windows that have torn or broken blinds all equal one thing: higher utility bills. Thankfully, you can help prevent such problems by giving your windows the attention they deserve.

This simply means fixing torn screens, caulking seams and replacing cracked windows. Many homeowners think it’s worth paying more for new windows, when most of the time all your windows need is a little TLC.

2. Raise the Roof—No, Not Literally

Just like your car (and maybe your dog), your house needs a thorough cleaning every now and then. However, instead of using your good towels and brushes for the job, a soft wash system will make it easier to get all the gunk and grime off those hard-to-reach areas, not to mention how soft washes kill all the moss and lichens (pronounced “like-ens”) on your roof without damaging your shingles in the process.

Soft washes are a safer, more eco-friendly alternative to pressure washes, and can actually provide up to 40% off your monthly cooling costs.

3. Carpet Diem

Your carpets are there to make your floors more comfortable to walk on, and if you have a pet, then they’re also there to help soak up all that hair and dander. Carpets may look and feel nice, but they can be full of dirt, grime, dust and other sorts of soot. Experts say that several pounds of soil can accumulate in and around your carpet every year, so it’s important to give them a little makeover once and a while.

Popular Mechanics asked a few cleaning experts for a few tips ‘n’ tricks to help keep carpets clean. Believe it or not, they say one of the best overall carpet cleaners for everyday stains is shaving cream. Just apply a small amount and let it sit for 30 minutes, after which time you blot—don’t scrub—the stain with a dry white cloth.

Your home is an extension of yourself. Ergo, a cleaner home means a happier you. How do plan on prepping your home for summer? Leave us a comment with your own tips and tricks below.

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