10 Clever Places to Hide Easter Eggs

BY Mar, 18 2016
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10 Clever Places To Hide Easter Eggs

The time for strategy has arrived so break out those colorful eggs and cute little baskets! That’s right. We’re talking about that time of year when a fluffy white bunny hops into town and stashes little, colorful eggs that excited kiddies frantically search for.

Just in case, the bunny (read: adults) need a few tips for the big day, we thought we’d share some clever ideas for the best hiding spots.


Egg Carton

egg hiding 1_2

Where is the last place kids would ever think to look for Easter eggs? In the egg carton in the fridge, of course! We love these totally obvious, but completely oblivious places.

Floral Arrangements/Vases/Artwork

egg hiding 12_2

You have tons of little nooks and crannies all around the house. From floral arrangements to houseplants to cool artwork, you can find tons of places to hide your eggs. If you have a little extra time, paint one of your eggs to look like the fruit in the fruit basket.

Stuffed Animals

egg hiding 3_2

Here’s your chance to be super creative and have a little fun with your egg hiding journey. Make it so the kid’s stuffed animals are interacting with the eggs, like they came to life to help hide the eggs themselves. Think of how much excitement that would cause around the house. Especially when it looks like Elsa and Olaf were working together to hide the egg in some snow (ahem, cotton). Strapped for time? If your child has a dollhouse, place the eggs inside!


egg hiding 13_2

Boots and heels and sneakers! Oh my! With all of the different shoes scattered throughout most homes, finding hiding places won’t be hard. Plus, would the kids ever expect to find an egg in a shoe? It definitely sounds like something from a Dr. Suess book. Which is pretty perfect if you ask us.


egg hiding 11 2

Remove the lightbulb and put an egg in its place. Don’t forget to unplug the fixture beforehand. Your kiddos will have so much fun finding the eggs in one of the most un-egg-spected places!



egg hiding 4_2

While some might call this an obvious hiding place, we beg to differ. The colorful plants and flowers offer a great camouflage for the vibrant eggs. Plus, it’s a safe place for your kids to hunt. Well, it’s safe for the kids, not so much the plants. It might be a good idea to stick to the outer corners of the flower beds to ensure the safety of your plants.


egg hiding 5_2

This is one of the last places your kids will think to look. Also, the mailbox offers a great place to keep those special Easter eggs hidden. You know, the ones with a few extra dollars or the premium candy in them.


egg hiding 7_2

Grilled eggs, anyone? Hiding your Easter eggs in the grill is pretty clever! Just be sure that the grill is clean and hasn’t been used within the last few hours. Melted plastic and/or burned children does not make for a great egg hunt.

Pet’s Collar

egg hiding 6_2

That’s right. If you have a pet, attach one of your plastic eggs to his or her collar. It’s a moving hiding place! This one could even work indoors for those who have an inside pet.

Gutter Downspouts

egg hiding 10 2

The bottom of the gutter downspout is a great hiding place. Just make sure there is no debris that could harm your kids during the hunt.

Happy Hunting!

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