Warm weather, brunch on patios, spring sports and beach trips – is there anything not to love about spring? Well, there are those April showers, which can put a damper on all the fun stuff.

By most accounts, rain is a great thing. But when it comes to your gutters, take a couple of minutes to make sure that the rain isn’t putting the health of your home at risk. At Ned Stevens, we want to make sure that nothing rains on your parade!

The Effects of Rain on a Home

Clogged gutters can lead to debris getting into your home’s underground drain system. Once your underground drains become clogged, you’re in danger of having standing water collect around your home’s foundation. Because of this, you could see basement flooding, damage to your landscaping, and worse, damage to your home’s foundation.

Caring for Your Underground Drains

The first step toward healthy drains is gutter maintenance. Keeping your gutters clean means less debris in the drains. If your drains are in need of a little bit of TLC, the gutter-cleaning professionals at Ned Stevens have a solution.

What is Underground Drain Snaking?

As an additional service, Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning can address your clogged underground drains. Using an electric snake, we work to clear any blockages in the pipe. But, because pipes can collapse or may have roots growing through them, it is not always possible to clear the clog. In these cases, a gutter extension can be added at no extra cost. The extension will sufficiently divert water away from the base of your home.

Protect Your Home With Ned Stevens

The best way to care for your gutters and drains is with a Ned Stevens service plan. To best protect your gutters and your home, Ned Stevens recommends six gutter cleanings per year: March service, spring service, summer service and three fall cleanings.

With our Diamond Plan, you’ll receive all six recommended gutter cleanings for the year and plenty of perks from Ned Stevens, including a discount on underground drain snaking.

Give us a call today to request a free quote. The gutter cleaning professionals at Ned Stevens are ready to help you get your home ready for the good weather!

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