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Pure Water Window Cleaning

Ned Stevens is now washing the outside of windows using our Pure Water System!

The outside of your windows is both the dirtiest part of your windows and the most difficult and unsafe for you to reach. So let Ned do your dirty work (and save you money!)

As with all our other services, there is a Ned Stevens Difference with window cleaning:

· Cutting-Edge Technology - We use a 3-Stage filtration system using only purified water. Our crews will first gauge contamination levels of your water to ensure that only purified water is used.

· No Chemicals - 100% Eco-Friendly.

· No Spotting - Our purified water system leaves no streaks or spotting.

· No Need To Be Home! - We service only the outside of the window, so no appointments are necessary! And, as with all our services, our window cleaning is 100% guaranteed.

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Why You Need Purified Water
Getting “Purified Water” is the first step. To clean windows 100% spot free, the Total Dissolved Solution (TDS) of your water needs to be at 0.

Can I Just Use Tap Water?
Normal tap water results in glass appearing with a milky white residue. This is the result of mineral content in normal tap water. Pure water on the other hand automatically absorbs dirt. Meaning, pure water or water without any mineral content, leaves windows perfectly clean after drying.

How Do I Get Pure Water?
Simple: Use A Multi-Stage Purification System
We use a 3 stage system:

1. Carbon Sediment Filter – The filter works to prevent material and debris from entering the RO membrane, as well as Chlorine.
2. RO Membrane – This part does all the heavy work of the purification process. It will remove up to 90 – 95% off all Total Dissolved Solids.
3. Deionization Resin -- The final step in filtration. This step is designed to bring your water to 0 TDS.

Cleaning Your Windows: The Basic WaterFed Pole Components

1. Water Fed Pole Hose
2. Water Fed Pole
3. Water Fed Pole Clamps
4. Water Fed Pole Angle Adaptor
5. Water Fed Pole Brush

1. Hose – Feeds purified water to your brush
2. Pole – Helps you reach the window
3. Clamps – Locks the pole in place upon extension
4. Angle Adaptor – Connects the pole to the brush
5. Pole Brush – Agitates & cleans the glass surface

What's The Brush Made From?
The three kinds of brushes are Nylon, Boars Hair and a Hybrid of both. Full Nylon is great for maintenance cleans, Boars Hair is more aggressive and Hybrid gives you the best of both worlds. As such, we use the Hybrid brush.