Under Ground Drain Snaking

Do you know what underground drains are? They are pipes that attach to your leaders, and run underground, channeling the water away from your foundation.

If a customer maintains their underground drains regularly, they will prolong the life of their foundation.

As an additional service separate from a gutter cleaning service, Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning can attempt to unclog any clogged underground drains.  We use an electric snake to attempt to clear the underground, using electricity from our own power generator.

Not all attempts to clear underground drains are successful, however. Sometimes the drain has collapsed over time, or roots have grown under it, over it, or through the drain, preventing any possibility of success in cleaning the drain. In these situations we would still help alleviate the problem by removing the leader pipe that connects to the drain, and add an above ground extension (as shown) at no additional cost!

Underground Extension
Remember, the best way to prevent underground drain clogs, is to clean your gutters on a regular basis.  The less debris that gets down the drain means the less debris that will have to pass through the underground drain.  Join a Service Plan and start protecting your underground drains today!