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If you’re living in Washington, you’re under no illusions about rain and debris when it comes to your roof: maintaining your roof and gutters is essential to the health of your home. At Ned Stevens, we’ve only been serving the Washington area for a little while, but we’ve been servicing homes across America since 1965 with gutter cleaning and home maintenance services. Call Ned Stevens today!

Washington Benefits of Gutter Cleaning & Home Maintenance

Your home is an investment, and just like your financial assets, you’ll want to monitor it. We often forget about our home’s gutters. It’s easy. They’re up there, and we’re down here. Our WA gutter cleaning services are tailored to your needs and the needs of your home so that, with Ned Stevens, you don’t have to think about your gutters. Just enroll in one of our service plans to ensure your gutters are properly maintained year-round.

Get Your Free, Accurate Quote

If you’re ready to shop for providers for Washington gutter cleaning, you’ll find lots of offers on the table, and some of these are outright frauds. When someone promises an offer that sounds a little too good to be true, just read the fine print. Chances are, these offers contain hidden fees that you won’t see until the bill comes. At Ned Stevens, we price our services fairly and we remain transparent. Just ask our satisfied customers. We listen to you and your needs to ensure you get the home services you want, not a long story about how you should spend outrageous amounts on your gutters.

Bonded & Insured Home Services in Seattle, Washington

There are two types of gutter cleaning companies out there — there’s the one-man-show with the pickup truck and a bunch of tools scattered in the bed, and then there are professionals like Ned Stevens. While the handyman may offer a low rate, chances are, they’re not fully bonded and insured. This means that, should any type of injury or accident occur on your property, you the homeowner would be the responsible party. A cheap gutter cleaning could end up costing thousands. With Ned Stevens, our teams are fully bonded and insured so that you know, when we’re on your property, your gutters are safe and so are you!

Our Washington Services

We don’t just clean gutters. We install them and repair them. We also offer a full suite of home maintenance services from roof & siding cleaning to dryer vent cleaning to underground drain snaking and chimney caps.

Special Offers for Washington Customers

If you’d like to save on your first gutter cleaning, call us today and get $25 off! Enroll in a Diamond Plan and save even more! Get $50 off the plan and all our recommended gutter cleanings throughout the year!