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Pennsylvanians know that Mother Nature doesn’t hold back when it comes to sharing her chilly side. Winters in this state can be brutal, which means preparation for ice damming and gutter protection has to be considered well before the first snow hits. Fortunately, Ned Stevens (that’s us!) is here to lend a hand.

About Us

Since 1965, Ned Stevens has been providing gutter cleaning service to homeowners across the nation. We have set the standard for the gutter cleaning industry and continue to provide customers with full cleaning and inspection upon every visit to homes.

Maintaining your gutters properly is one of the most important things you can do to sustain your home’s value and beauty. Located in Connecticut and 10 other states, we offer all of the essential pieces of proper gutter maintenance to keep your home safe.

Our Guarantee

We believe in providing the best service possible to our customers across the nation. Because of that belief, all of our work is fully guaranteed. Due to the dangerous nature of our work, we carry full workers compensation as well as liability insurance. After all, our guys and gals are on ladders every day. We want to keep them protected and serving our Pennsylvania communities year-round.


The Food

Pennsylvania is known for their Dutch and Quaker inspired dishes. Between pepper pot soup and cheesesteaks, this state turns sustenance into a party for your taste buds. Some dishes are even specific to the region, which means finding elsewhere is next to impossible.

Pepper Pot is a meal that has been a custom for Pennsylvania residents dating all the way back to the Revolutionary War. Soldiers would eat the tripe and vegetable stew with an assortment of many seasonings. Pepper is a big part of this dish, because it helped cover the taste of any unenjoyable sensations. The soup is now considered a staple for Philadelphians and a common recipe throughout local restaurants, like City Tavern .

This state's capital doesn’t just serve up soup though. The Philly cheesesteak was first coined in the 1930’s when Pat Olivieri and his brother, Harry, created the famous sandwich. Though the actual story behind the origin is a much debated topic, there’s no arguing that this is a widely loved attribute of the city. And if you want to try the original, just go to Pat's King of Steaks.

The Festivals

From music festivals to holiday celebrations, Pennsylvania has events lined up throughout the year to satisfy the whole family. The Made in America Festival and Mummers Day Parade are two of the most visited gatherings in the state. The two-day Budweiser sponsored music show is held right in downtown Philly along with the New Year’s Day parade and celebration.

The Landmarks

Pennsylvania has had an impactful influence on American history. After Dutch and Swedish settlers colonized the land in 1667, the most populated city, Philadelphia, acted as the nation’s capital for two centuries until the 1900’s. The Liberty Bell still resides there as well as the Eastern State Penitentiary. The bell acts as a major symbol of American independence, while the prison is thought to be one of the most haunted sites in the country.

Outside the city, The Gettysburg Battlefield is a national military park that hosts over 1.2 million visitors annually. This is where the famous “Gettysburg Address” was declared by President Abraham Lincoln and the most brutal battle of the Civil War was held.

The Great Outdoors

From the Laurel Highlands in the Southwestern region to the Endless Mountains in the Northeast, Pennsylvania offers a little piece of nature for everyone to enjoy.

Families can camp at the Allegheny National Forest, Susquehanna River, Pennsylvania Grand Canyon and more wildlife hot spots around the state. However, locals know that the best places to experience winter sports and the infamous hunting scene is offered up throughout middle PA and the northern border.

The Attractions

Open 12 months a year, the Hershey Park is one of this state’s best parts about family entertainment. You can book a vacation and experience all the rides, food and zoo animals your heart desires. Seasonal events attract thousands of attendants each day, and we can see why.

Another local favorite, the Andy Warhol Museum showcases different exhibitions of the famous artist’s work year-round. Located in Pittsburgh, you can stop by to glance at some of his best known and never-before-seen pieces. The gallery holds six floors of Warhol’s art and a performance space for other contracted artists to add to the experience.

The Character

This Dutch land is credited for providing the country with some of the most die-hard football fans, the best hoagies around and an appreciation for lack of pot holes elsewhere (because, let’s face, they seem to be everywhere). From its brick roads and horse and buggies to the colonial buildings and big cities, PA gives residents and tourists a little piece of history on every corner. It’ll make you never want to leave


As our number one goal, we want our customers in the Keystone State, as well as the customers nationwide, to be fully satisfied with our work. Our goal is to offer the best service in the industry, and you will always reach a knowledgeable member of our staff when you contact us for service or with a question. If you have any questions about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our fully trained team members at our closest local office to you.