Why should I clean my gutters?

A home with a 1,500-square-foot roof sheds 1,000 gallons of water for every inch of falling rain. Properly pitched gutters and leaders gather that water and channel it away from the home. Doing so prevents water penetration into the home and its foundation.

For this reason, Consumer Reports magazine claims that “runaway rainwater” is the “#1 Home Repair That You Should Not Ignore.”

Because of how important a properly flowing gutter system is to your home, you must keep them clean, all year round. The best and least expensive method to do so is through one of our great Service Plans.

Remember, the debris is falling 365 days a year. Make sure your gutters function properly to protect your home every day!

How often should I clean my gutters?

To protect your home and keep it safe from water penetration, it is crucial to clean your gutters on a regular basis. Throughout the course of a calendar year, we recommend that homeowners clean their gutters in March to re-nail all gutters and clear out the branches, dirt and other winter debris so that they are ready for the "April Showers"; in June to clean out all the oak tassels, ragweed, seed pods, "helicopters", and other debris that land all over our properties; in August to remove wind-blown debris caused by Summer thunderstorms; and then three times in the Fall: October, November, and December, to remove all the clogs caused by leaves that come down throughout the Fall season, before the winter freeze.

Our Service Plans provide the simplest solution for worry-free gutter maintenance, all year long, and come with free benefits!

Do I need to be home when my gutters are cleaned?

No -- we will make your life easy! After you schedule your job, we will appear automatically without further notice for each service scheduled, do a great job, and leave a receipt for you in your door. It’s that easy!

Does your gutter cleaning service come with a guarantee?

Yes, we guarantee every gutter cleaning we perform. Because of the amount of debris that falls every single day, and the small amount of debris required to clog gutters, gutters can clog at any time. However, we guarantee that your entire system will be cleaned and flow freely through the next rainstorm following your service.

Can my gutters be cleaned without water?

Yes! Under certain circumstances, including lack of available water and customer request, we will perform a “dry cleaning.” We will only perform a dry cleaning where we can ensure that the gutters and leaders are free from clogs. If we perform a “dry cleaning”, the service carries the same guarantee as a cleaning with water.

What is an “off pitch gutter” and what causes it to lose its pitch?

Gutters work on the principle of gravity. The gutter, when properly installed, sits on a small angle on the home. That angle causes the water to flow toward the downspout, eventually being carried away from your home’s foundation.

When a gutter goes “off pitch”, it has lost its angle, and therefore the water simply sits still in the gutter. That water has to go somewhere, and will eventually back up into the home or overflow and pour into the foundation. When backing up, the water also rots the wood behind the gutter (known as the “fascia board”), causing the gutter to eventually fall off the home. If the fascia rots, you will have to replace the gutter and the fascia.

Off pitch gutters can be caused by shifting foundations and the elements (including falling branches), but are often caused by clogs in the gutter. Once debris clogs the gutters, the water has nowhere to go, so it sits in the gutter. That gutter that was once around 20 pounds, now weighs over 300 pounds due to the weight of debris and water sitting in it. Eventually, it goes off pitch and has to be replaced.

The best way to prevent gutters from going off pitch is to clean them on a regular basis. Join our Service Plan, and protect your gutters and home today.

What Major Credit Cards do you take?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Do you offer a Senior Citizen Discount?

Yes, the Senior Citizen Discount is 5%.

Do you recommend screening or gutter guards?

For more than 50 years we have been searching for and experimenting with all types of products which can be sold to home owners to prevent gutter clogs. We currently sell and install gutter screens, but we stopped selling a top-of-the-line solid cover gutter guard.
We stopped selling covered guard systems because we have learned the hard way that there is no such thing as a "no clog" gutter.  Quite simply, these systems allow debris in the gutters, they allow the water to pour off the top of gutters in heavy rain (which could lead to water in your basement), and they allow clogs.  Most companies push the sale of these expensive products, but we feel we are the honest company that tells the truth:  these systems simply don’t work.
Make sure to look at the Gutter Guard section of our website and the many photos there showing how guards simply don’t work. The photos will show how good the gutters may look from the outside, but how dirty and badly clogged they are inside.  

The screens we sell will keep out big debris, but let a significant amount of small debris into the gutters. This debris will cause clogs over time, and can even grow plants in the gutters. As such, even with screens, gutters need to be cleaned regularly.

The solution for you is easy:  simply clean the gutters on a regular schedule.  Join our Diamond Service Plan and Gutter Protection Program, and you won’t worry about your gutters again.