Chimney Cap

Chimney Cap Installation

Ned Stevens installs high quality stainless steel Chimney Caps with a lifetime guarantee.
Some of the many reasons to install our stainless steel chimney caps include the following:

· Prevents water from entering chimney: Keeping rain, snow and excessive moisture out of your chimney is a must. When water mixes with creosote, it erodes the brick and mortar, creating a fire risk.

· Prevents animals from entering & nesting in chimney: Animals are attracted to the heat of your chimney, without a cap, animals can easily nest inside the chimney. Thus posing a serious fire hazard.

· Stops wind backdraft: Caps can reduce and in some instances stop draft problems. Most chimney caps can use wind to maximize updraft and minimize smoke inside the home.

· Arrests sparks & ash: Without caps, embers from a fire can stray from your chimney and settle on your roof, a neighbor’s roof or other objects.

· Prevents debris build up: Chimney caps will reduce the amount of debris buildup in chimneys, preventing debris from entering from entering an open flue.

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