How to Plan the Perfect Picnic

Aug, 12 2015

Wondering how to enjoy what’s left of summer? You don’t need to spend a fortune to have fun–just check out our perfect picnic tips. You can thank us after.

How to Plan the Perfect Summer Staycation

Jul, 28 2015

You don’t have to travel to the other side of the world to make the most of the summer. Instead of taking a vacation, why not take a staycation? Check out our staycation tips.

5 Surprising 4th of July Facts

Jun, 26 2015

The 4th of July is one of the biggest, most patriotic and loudest holidays of the year. It’s a time for family gatherings, and a time to recognize and honor your country’s history. You may believe you know all about the 4th, but here are 5 facts we’re guessing you don’t. 1. Three Presidents Died […]

10 Unusual (But Still Awesome) Getaway Spots in NJ

Jun, 17 2015 School’s out, the pools are open and your in-laws are probably planning to visit soon. So what can you do? You don’t have to travel to New York City to find some cool happenings. There are plenty of fun getaway spots right around the corner. Because our company was founded in New Jersey, we thought [...]

How to Make Your Lawn Greener Than Your Neighbor’s

May, 27 2015 Every neighborhood has one: the over-achiever. They spend hundreds decorating their house for Halloween, and come the holidays their home is the biggest, brightest (and sometimes loudest) on the street. Worse still, their lawn is so green it looks like it could have been transplanted straight from the Augusta National Golf Club. While there isn’t [...]

3 Tips to Help Avoid DIY Disasters

May, 13 2015

Do you picture yourself as the lone, brave scout who dares to take on that one task all others fear? Have you been dying to find a project that will help you set free your inner rugged superhero? Are you secretly convinced that upon completion of your project, you will be getting an offer to […]

Easy Ways to Keep Cool and Save Money

May, 08 2015 Summer is coming. As appealing as 90 degrees may have sounded when you were shoveling out your driveway in mid-January, chances are excellent that you won’t enjoy the sensation of baking like a roasting potato, particularly in your own house, come mid-July. Your spouse might be nagging you to turn the AC to 66, but [...]

Your Gutters Suffer From Allergies Too

May, 28 2014 Do you suffer from spring allergies?  If so, I bet you have tried everything to rid your nose of the itchy, scratchy, sneezy feeling it endures every March – June:  over the counter medications, prescription drugs, home remedies, allergy shots, and even sleeping with the air conditioner on!   However, if your symptoms still persist, perhaps [...]


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