Ned Gets an A+

Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning proudly announces that we have been awarded an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. After undergoing a 17 point evaluation, factoring in such criteria as “Trust in the Community”, “Honesty in Advertising”, “Telling the Truth”, and “Embodying Integrity”, Ned Stevens was awarded the Better Business Bureau’s highest grade. “We are honored by this achievement, and feel privileged to be able to service great customers, while doing what we love to do!”

Donations: Ned Says Thank You!

Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning is proud to make donations to towns and citizens that continue to rely upon our services year after year. At Ned Stevens, we always want to give back to our customers, and donating to an important local cause is one such method of giving back and saying “thank you.”

Some of our most recent donations include:

Livingston Hugs from Home

In support of the brave service men and women who proudly protect our country, Ned Stevens made a donation to Livingston’s Hugs from Home Foundation, which both purchases and sends much-needed supplies to our troops overseas. Ned Stevens’ donation and efforts to help were honored by Livingston’s Town Council and Mayor at a local ceremony.

Chatham 9/11 Memorial Foundation, Inc.

Through donations, Chatham’s 9/11 Memorial Foundation constructed a beautiful memorial display to commemorate and honor each of the 13 Chatham victims that perished during the September 11 terrorist attacks. The display includes original pieces of New York City’s twin towers. Ned Stevens was honored at a local ceremony for its assistance in constructing this important memorial.

Wayne Memorial Volunteer First Aid Squad

In celebration of its 65th anniversary, Ned Stevens proudly donated to the Wayne Memorial Volunteer First Aid Squad. Mayor Vergano, Councilman McIntyre, and volunteer Dave Spera came to the station to personally thank Ned Stevens for the donation.

The Alexander Seifried Fund

Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning donated to a fund created for Alex, a ten-year-old who suffers from severe cerebral palsy and spastic quadriplegia. The donation was made in an effort to provide the funds Alex’s family needs to buy a conversion van that will accommodate Alex’s wheelchair, keep him safe and secure, and let him get out into the world with dignity.

You Spoke and Ned Listened

“From customer demand, comes great improvement.” Ned Stevens is proud to announce the flagship of its Service Plan program: the Diamond Service Plan. This plan is the most comprehensive method to protect your most important investment. Beyond becoming an Elite Customer of Ned Stevens, Diamond Members are protecting their home at the right times of the year, using a company that has lived to service gutters since 1965. In addition to all the other great benefits of our service plans , at their request, Diamond Service Plan members receive firm scheduling dates for all of their gutter cleanings and even a two hour scheduling window, of course weather permitting. Through the use of our cutting-edge PDA technology, in some instances, Diamond Plan members can receive free same day service. “Our customers asked for more, and we have delivered it to them.”

Kids love Ned too!

The Ned Stevens Coloring Contest was a great success! All kids up to age ten were given pictures to color and to submit to Ned Stevens. We received hundreds of entries from children of all ages, and the entries were all fantastic! There were several winners, and all participants received gift certificates to Barnes and Noble, as well as great Ned Stevens apparel. Look for our next contest coming soon!

Ned Lights You Up!

Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning & General Contracting introduces its latest home improvement service designed to make the customer’s life easier: installation of spotlight bulbs in areas the homeowner simply can’t reach. These bulbs are energy saving 90 Watt bulbs with a 2500 hour life. “Our goal is simply to make life easier for the customer, by providing important services at a fair price.”

Ned’s Getting Better Every Day

Ned Stevens proudly introduces its new Custom Training Program. The CTP is a mentoring program which utilizes the skills and knowledge of our most experienced employees, and combines this experience with a cutting edge, custom-designed computer program that is designed to educate and sharpen the skills of our crews. “We simply want to be the best we can, and get a little better every single day.”

Ned Rolls out Tablets:

Fairfield: After much research and development Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning has deployed a handheld Tablets device for their field technicians. The device will provide “real-time” data to our reps in the office. The device allows servicemen to update customers' accounts with vital information as well as photographs. All our technicians carry the device. The device also allows for tracking of vehicles as well as truck speed. “We want to make sure our drivers are driving safely”.

Gutter University is Complete!

Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning and General Contracting Inc. has completed the building of our state-of-the-art training center “Gutter University.” This center is a classroom-type facility fully equipped with Power Point technology for large visual displays, as well physical displays of all of our products for hands-on training and education.

“We have created a classroom environment that mixes traditional learning and teaching with hands-on training.” While at their desks, both senior employees and trainees take notes, sharpen their skills, learn the latest tips and newest techniques for all of our services, and take written tests which must be passed with a minimum score of 75%. “Our quality is built on our hard-working employees, so let’s give them an educational environment that will help them develop their talents and skills.”